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The Hencen Apartments in Minneapolis, MN

Hencen Apartments is a highly-anticipated collection of one and two-bedroom apartment homes authentic to Northeast Minneapolis, located at the crossroads of Hennepin and Central Avenues. Many people are attracted to this neighborhood because of the well-established scene of restaurants, bars, music stores, art galleries, and boutiques. The vibrant lifestyle you want begins at our apartments for rent in Minneapolis.

The building’s architecture and interior design are distinct and modern, and so are the amenities. Imagine yourself at our sophisticated Minneapolis apartments, exercising in the state-of-the-art fitness center, hosting a family gathering in the chef’s kitchen, or catching a movie on the rooftop terrace high above the street below. Hencen is in the heart of Minneapolis, and home is where the heart is.

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    Why Choose Hencen Apartments in Minneapolis?

    • Hencen Apartments are uniquely positioned at the crossroads of Hennepin and Central Avenues. This location offers easy access to a vibrant neighborhood filled with restaurants, bars, and cultural hotspots. You’ll live just minutes away from Boom Island Park and a short drive from nearby attractions like Westwood Hills Nature Center in St. Louis Park.

    • Northeast Minneapolis is not just about its past; it’s a hub for craft breweries. In fact, it’s often referred to as the craft brewery capital of Minnesota. Residents of Hencen Apartments are just a short walk away from some of the best local brews in the city. This makes the area not only a great place to live but also a destination for beer enthusiasts.

    • The Mississippi River, a stone’s throw from Hencen Apartments, offers more than scenic views. It’s a part of the Mississippi National River and Recreation Area, providing residents with ample opportunities for outdoor activities like biking and kayaking. This proximity to nature is a hidden gem in an urban setting, offering a perfect balance for city dwellers.

    • Art lovers would be intrigued to know that Northeast Minneapolis is home to the largest open studio tour in the U.S., known as Art-A-Whirl. This event, held annually, allows residents and visitors to explore local art studios, meet artists, and purchase unique artworks. Hencen Apartments’ location offers a front-row seat to this artistic extravaganza.

    • The fitness center at The Hencen is not just a gym. It’s equipped with advanced equipment and includes a yoga studio, catering to a variety of fitness routines.

    • The architecture of Hencen Apartments itself is a nod to Minneapolis’s modern urban design trends. The building’s design reflects a blend of functionality and aesthetics, mirroring the city’s evolution into a contemporary urban space. This makes living in Hencen not just comfortable but also stylish and trendy.

    At The Hencen Apartments in Minneapolis, MN, we offer more than just a place to live. Our luxury apartments are a blend of modern living, comprehensive amenities, and a vibrant community lifestyle. Located in a dynamic neighborhood, we provide a unique living experience that caters to a variety of needs and preferences. Choose The Hencen for a comfortable, convenient, and community-focused home.

    What types of apartments are available?

    The Hencen Apartments offers pet-friendly studio, one, and two-bedroom homes, catering to a range of family sizes and preferences.

    Are there any entertainment options nearby?

    Yes, the neighborhood is rich in entertainment with its array of restaurants, bars, music stores, art galleries, and boutiques.

    What amenities does The Hencen offer?

    Amenities include a state-of-the-art fitness center, a chef’s kitchen for events, a pet spa, and a rooftop terrace.

    How is the community lifestyle at The Hencen?

    The Hencen fosters a vibrant lifestyle, being in a lively neighborhood that’s part of the Northeast Minneapolis scene.

    Is the location convenient for commuting?

    Located at the crossroads of Hennepin and Central Avenues, it offers convenient access to various parts of the city.